Thursday, December 29, 2005

Five, seven, then five/I review comics like that/Once more, with feeling

I liked when I did
Comic reviews in haiku

Let's do it again.

Here's some comic books
I bought at Gosh! in London
Comics are fun there.

X-Factor #1-2 X-FACTOR #1-2:

I like P.A.D.
I didn't read House of M
But I like this lots.

Characters I like
Are treated seriously
But they still are fun.


Wow! Giant issue!
One hundred fun-packed pages.
New tales and reprints!

Could be a classic
But I loathe those front covers.
Jeez. Greg Horn scares me.

Bart Simpson #27BART SIMPSON #27:

Don't have a cow, man.
Cowabunga! Eat my shorts!
And other Bart things.

Again and again
Bongo puts out (like this one)
A most fun comic.

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