Sunday, December 25, 2005

Olivia loves London, too.

Someone kindly asked for news about how Olivia is enjoying London! The answer is, quite a bit indeed! She is prone to announce "Welcome to London" several times throughout the day. She likes riding on the trains and has many questions that I enjoy answering because I know a lot about the London Underground. She wants to know if we get off now (no, Olivia, this is not our stop; we have three more stops first) or if we can get on the train (No, Olivia, this is a District Line train and it goes to Wimbledon. We want a Circle Line train.) She say a man dressed up as Father Christmas standing on the train platform and declared "Santa!" She did not want Santa to see her when he came Christmas night down the chimney but as she was fast asleep she did not even notice when he snuck in to deliver her Christmas goodies.

She is enjoying most every part of London. I missed when there was a mean little boy who would not let her play in the sand in Holland Park (mean boy! Mean!), but aside from that she has been happy and curious. She likes looking in the shops and eating in the restaurants. Last night for Christmas Eve dinner we ate at Khan's of Bayswater, a very busy and exciting Indian restaurant. The waiters gave toys for Christmas to each of the children in the restaurant and Olivia got a miniature pool table which she was playing with today with Aunt Camilla. (She let me and Marshall play with it too!) She enjoyed the rice and nan bread at the restaurant and has especially been loving English sweets—she got a special cake with a butterfly on it and some hazelnut creme sticks which were very good. She was very fascinated by the oranges at Mark & Spencer's Food Hall, even though she does not like oranges!

Her favorite part so far seems to have been the carousel at Covent Garden. She went on it (twice!).

She got many fine Christmas presents this morning, including many books and a hat with a Union Jack on it and some stuffed animals and a marble-and-tube set and Marshall and I gave her some play food from Sainsbury's. It's pretty cool: it's all British grocery play food. It makes my mouth water just to look at it! She seems to like her stuffed cat that John got her a lot.

She is taking her Christmas day nap now but I'm sure there will be many more Olivia adventures!

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