Saturday, December 31, 2005

Tube strike!

Tube Strike! Aieeee!

Aieeeeeeeee! Tube strike! Those of you stuck back in Manhattan while lucky lucky me (and Marshall and John and Camilla and Olivia and her parents) have been traipsing through London have just gone through an extensive transit strike that shut down the New York subway and buses for three days, starting the day we left Brooklyn! Now synchronicity (thank you Mister Sumner for teaching me that word) rules the universe as a tube strike is due to start today at noon in London, on our last day here! It's no great shakes as we need to catch the shuttle to the airport in the mid-afternoon so we won't be out and about all around the town today, but to you Londoners reading my blog (and I am sure you all are), this little stuffed bull is full of sympathy for you, because even though I know a lot of you don't care for the way the Underground is run, it's absolutely essential for getting about London Town, especially on busy busy New Year's Eve night. Well, I wish you all the best of luck: keep your chins up and the number of a minicab service already programmed into your mobile, and don't be shy about walking around to get home: I've been walking quite a bit over my holiday and it's really quite lovely to wander the streets! Or maybe do what we like to do when we're home in Brooklyn: hit the supermarket in the afternoon to stock up on piles of lovely, lovely snacks and then spend the evening at home watching Bridget Jones's Diary.

Off we go into our last (half-)day in London! John is a big worry-wort about getting stuck somewhere when the tubes shut down so I'm sure he will be obsessing about it all day even though we won't be going that far. Stop worrying, John! It's a beautiful day and if we get stuck somewhere and miss our shuttle back to the airport that means we can stay in London s'more! Hooray!

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