Sunday, July 29, 2007

WiedlinWatch '07: Was Never Ever Meant to Be

Now I hear the news second hand
What's become of you, I can't understand

And it breaks my heart, oh oh
That we've drifted apart, oh oh

You're not real anymore you're paper-maché
Whatever you were has long since blown away

Like a paper heart that's been tearing
You've got a paper heart and it's wearing out
And you can't kick, you've been down too long

Got a paper heart that's been ripped up
Nothing left up in you that ain't mixed up
And I can read it in your eyes that you'll soon be gone


Jeremy Rizza said...


Bully, as far as I'm concerned you're now alongside the title character in "Tales of Hoffman" as one of the most poignant romantics of all time. But at least Jane wasn't your Antonia (who sang herself to death).

SallyP said...


Sleestak said...

Welcome to my world, Bully.

Erin Palette said...

It's her loss, Bully. I know that if *I* was her, I'd certainly take you home!

*offers you tea and sympathy*

Matthew E said...

I wonder if Jane Wiedlin knows that she's become the unattainable object of desire of the comics blogohedron.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are breaking my heart, Bully!

I'll never hear "We've Got the Beat" or "Vacation" again without thinking of a little stuffed bull, pining for his Go-Go dream girl on the floor of a near-empty convention hall.