Friday, August 03, 2007

Friday Night Fights: The Real World

We in comic book fandom are used to seeing problems solved this way—with high kicks and fists of fury:
Catwoman #3

But does such a violent approach really solve your problems in the real world?

Why yes. Yes, it does.

Incidentally, Blue Beetle looks so happy just to be alive, doesn't he? The poor sap.

(Truth in disclosure: this photo is actually from San Diego Comic-Con 2006. Except for guys dueling by the pool of my hotel with lightsaber repros—and later breaking them doing so—I didn't see any fight scenes at this year's SDCC).

Bahlactus is always "keepin' it real".

1 comment:

Jeff Munson said...

mmmm.... Jim Balent Catwoman is so, so wrong!!!! (says the man with the fulll run of Catwoman)

Great addition as always Bully, but should a little stuffed Bull be subjected to such obvious fanboy smut??? I would think it would be too delicate for your widdle eyes.