Monday, August 08, 2022

Today in Comics History, August 8: Now the clouds above my prison / Move slowly across the sky / There's a new day dawnin' / And my dreams are full tonight

I don't get exactly when the following scene takes place. Either "tonight, August Eighth" means that this is being said on August 7th (in which case it's not tonight, it's tomorrow), or it's being said exactly at midnight on August Eighth and the execution is already taking place. I'm choosing to believe the first one because the latter one is silly and there's 20 pages in between that and the event. be more precise, newsman! GBS anchorman and reporter Clark Kent would never make this verbal mistake!

from Batgirl (2000 series) #19 (DC, October 2001), script by Kelley Puckett, pencils by Damion Scott, inks by Robert Campanella, colors by Jason Wright, color separations by Digital Chameleon, letters by John Costanza

Why is Batgirl so upset that someone will die on August 8? Could it be the memory of somebody she killed on August 8? Mmmmmmmaybe...?

I don't know, Babs, but I do know this: it'll behoove ya the death penalty should be abolished. Among other benefits in doing away with it, we'll take some stress of comics' finest Batgirl.

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