Sunday, August 07, 2022

Today in Comics History, August 7: Happy birthday, Mark Bagley!

Born on this day: comics artist Mark Bagley, co-creator of Ultimate Spider-Man (and lots of its supporting characters) and Thunderbolts, artist of Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Venom, New Warriors, Batman, Justice League and many more!

from Marvel Age (top) #112 (Marvel, May 1992), and (bottom) #127 (August 1993)

Mark was winner of The Official Marvel Try-Out Book talent search and worked his way into and up the industry to become a top talent!

from (top) The Official Marvel Try-Out Book(November 1983), pencils by John Romita, Jr., inks by Al Milgrom,
(bottom) from "Bullpen Bulletins" in Marvel Comics cover-dated February 1986

And yes, it led to a full-time career in comics! Ask Mark to tell you that story one day!

from "Bullpen Bulletins" in Marvel Comics cover-dated May 1994; "The Bull's Eye" by Rick Parker

Mark's self-portrayal at the drawing board (with writer Brian Michael Bendis):

from Ultimate Spider-Man (2000 series) #66 (Marvel/Ultimate, December 2004), script by Brian Michael Bendis, pencils (and inks?) by Mark Bagley, colors by J. D. Smith (?)

An interview with scripter J. M. DeMatteis and Mark about their then-upcoming plans for Amazing:

"Amazing Spider-Men" from Spider-Man Collectors' Preview one-shot (Marvel, December 1994)
(Click picture to arachni-size)

Happy birthday, Mark!

from Marvel Comics cover-dated August 2011

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