Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Today in Comics History, August 10: Happy birthday, Christie Scheele! You too, Max Scheele!

Born on this day: Marvel comic book colorist Christie "Max" Scheele (The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Power Man and Iron Fist, Strikeforce: Morituri, Daredevil, Thor, Elektra, Secret Wars and many more titles!)

from Marvel Age #32, 56, and 104 (Marvel, November 1985, November 1987, and July 1991); text by Jim Salicrup (#32), Mike Carlin (#56) and Chris Eliopoulis and Barry Dutter (#104); pencils and inks by Ron Zalme; colors by Andy Yachus (#32), Paul Becton (#56) and Renee Witterstaetter (#104)

But why the "Max" nickname? I didn't know why before today, either, but the Women in Comics wiki set the story straight, and is much more true than my supposition that she is an avid Get Smart cosplayer:
She began using the "Max Scheele" pseudonym as a tribute to letterer Dan Crespi, who once nicknamed her "Max" after a really short haircut. She only meant to use it for the month after he passed away, but many of her editors, not understanding the context of the name, continued to use it.
Here's a fuzzy, very small picture of Christie at Roger Stern's wedding! Who says I won't pull up the tiniest pictures from comic books to use in my creator birthday posts, huh?

from "Bullpen Bulletins" in Marvel Comics cover-dated December 1982

More foto fun with Christie from the Marvel Fumetti Book (and with a short haircut that may the inspiration for her nickname!), where Jim Shooter and Joe Rubinstein plot to increase sales on the book:

from "The Wet T-Shirt Contest" in Marvel Fumetti Book #1 one-shot (Marvel, April 1984), plot by Jim Shooter, script by Mike Carlin, photographs by Vince Colletta, letters by Michael Higgins

Wow, this's all pretty sexist, ain't it? Don't worry, there's a switcharoo!

Have a very happy birthday, Christie!

from Marvel Age #13 (Marvel, April 1984)

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