Thursday, August 04, 2022

Today in Comics History, August 4: Happy birthday, Alan Martin!

Happy birthday today to Alan Martin, comics writer and co-creator along with Jamie Hewlett of Tank Girl! Together with Philip Bond, they founded the fanzine Atomtan, which eventually evolved into Deadline, which featured the debut of the aforementioned Tank Girl! (Whew!)

from Tank Girl: A Brief History of Tank Girl FCBD 2018 one-shot (Titan, May 2018); script by Alan Martin; pencils and inks by Jonathan Edwards, letters by Brett Parson

Here, Martin and Hewlett help Tank Girl get out of one of her impossibly improbable messes through the power of...comics!

from "Force Ten to Ringaroooma Bay" in Tank Girl Full Colour Classics #2.1 (Titan, June 2019), co-script by Alan Martin; co-script, pencils, and inks by Jamie Hewlett; colors by Tracy Bailey and Sofie Dodgson

It's one of those stories that gets written as it goes along! That's a sure method for sales success!

And now, the pin-up they never wanted you to see!:

Alan Martin, we thank you (and the other guy) for creating everybody's favorite Girl, The One Who Lives in a Tank™!

To keep yourself out of trouble on Alan Martin's birthday, here's a little bonus paper and scissors and glue project. Make your own cigarettes! (That's what that word means in Britain, but I still wouldn't throw it around a lot.)

So smoke 'em if you got 'em!

Happy birthday, Alan!

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