Monday, August 01, 2022

The Marvel Age Calendar for 1994 2022: Awesome Armored August

Hey, check it out: it's

And yes, it's time for another* Marvel Age Calendar in eye-shattering black-and-white!

"Classic Clash #8: Iron Man vs. Hulk" from Marvel Age #140 (Marvel, September 1994),
pencils by Darren Auck, inks by Mort [Todd?]
(Click picture to right hook-size)

*And by another, I mean final, at least for the rest of the year! Marvel Age #140 was the final issue of the series (alas, we hardly knew ye, entertaining corporation hype mag for which we paid), so there are no more 1994 calendars from this series. So cut this one out (be sure to use scissors on a printout, not on your computer monitor) and color it in for the final time! Lots of green, red, and yellow crayons are useful here!

But be sure to tune in in 2023 for more Marvel Age Calendar madness...wait, there's no year that they published a calendar in Marvel Age that coincides with 2023. Let's see...2024...looking at my perpetual, leap years only do come along ever four years...okay, 2025? ...nope. ...okay, join us back here in 2026 for more Marvel Age Calendar fun! i don't know how old you'll be, but I'll be seven.

(Of course, lots of other calendars will coninue monthly! You can depend on old young Bully for that!)

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