Monday, August 01, 2022

The Marvel Comics Memory Album Calendar for 1977 2022: August Aesop Angst

Say, Spidey, whatcha thinkin' about this August? That with great power should have come great responsibility? Isn't now a little too late to think about that, huh?

Oh well, I'm sure he'll get over it pretty fast.

from Marvel Comics Memory Album Calendar 1977 (Marvel, 1976), pencils by Ross Andru, inks possibly by Mike Esposito (?)
(Click picture to Spider-guilt-size)

The real moral of this month? That this calendar works perfectly for August 2022 as well as it's original 1977! How's that for a boisterous Bully Bonanza, huh?


joecab said...

Ross Andru obviously for the penciller, and maybe his longtime Spidey collaborator Mike Esposito on the inks?

Blam said...

Yeah, Andru pencils for sure, but I dunno past that.

Bully said...

Looks like the Andrus have it! I really wasn't sure so I appreciate all the suggestions.