Sunday, July 31, 2022

Today in Comics History, July 31: Happy birthday, George Wildman!

Born today in 1927: comics artist, managing editor/executive editor of Charlton Comics, children's book/Highlights Magazine illustrator and ad agent George Wildman, who's especially known for his work on the various Popeye comics series!

from Popeye (1972 public service "vocational" series) #E-14 [Popeye and Fine Arts and Humanities Careers] (King Features, 1973), script by Joe Gill, pencils and inks by Paul Fung Jr.

A portrait of and interview with George:

from The Charlton Bullseye (1975 series) #2 (CPL/GANG, April 1975), interview by Roger Stern (?), pencils and inks by George Wildman

Happy birthday, George!

from Popeye #E-14

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Blam said...

What a guy. He didn't even mention that it was his own birthday too when he was giving Rock those new duds.