Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 21, 1963: Doomed space captain at least able to sell a text story to Farrell Comics

"Lost Comet" from Strange Journey #3 (Farrell, February 1958), creators uncredited and unknown

And here's more proof that nobody ever read those text stories anyway: they printed the same story (under a different title) in the very next issue.

"Operation Satellite" from Strange Journey #4 (Farrell, June 1958), creators uncredited and unknown

Sure hope that doomed space captain got paid twice. In Moon Bucks.


Blam said...

Everything about that is hilarious.
... Maybe not the story. I don't know if the story itself is funny or not because I didn't read it.

Bully said...

@Blam: No one ever has.