Friday, September 01, 2006

The Many Fashions of Miss Lois Lane seen in tiny, tiny sidebar illustrations from covers of Superman Family:

The "Vivienne Westwood"

The "Daisy Duke"

The "Mary Richards"

The "Rhoda Morgenstern"

The "Lion Tamer"

The "R. Crumb"

The "Jim Fixx"

(Incidentally, the "Jim Fixx" look is totally sweeping Metropolis...)

The "Rorschach"

The "Eskimo Nell"

The "Sally Struthers's Would You Like to Make More Money Learning Computer Programming At Home? Sure We All Do"

The "Salu Digby"

The "Jimmy Olsen"

(By the way, Lois, why are you taking so many photos of Jimmy's crotch?)

The "Taxi!"

The "Oh #@$!, I Stepped in Krypto Poop!"

The "Lois Waves Goodbye After Her Fashion Humiliations"

Yes, truly, these were The Greatest Lois Lane Stories Ever.

Dedicated with respect for the King of Superhero Fashion Blogging, Blockade Boy


Anonymous said...

le Ha.

I do like how she's rocking the Rhoda and Crumb ensembluhs though...

Jeremy Rizza said...

*kicking myself for not thinking of it first*

Brilliant stuff as always, pal! Especially loved the "Sally Struthers." And believe it or not, I couldn't remember who Salu Digby was! But I don't feel bad because:
1. I've been away from that century for quite some time now, and...
2. She had (will have?) all the personality of a stale vitamin pill, so I had trouble remembering her name even when we'd bump into each other at the polysex hair salon.