Saturday, September 02, 2006

What the Sam Scratch is goin' on here?!? #8

Marvel Premiere #52

The Klan? Vile, despicable racists. The perfect villains for the Black Panther to fight. You'll cheer when he bangs their bigoted heads together. I'm not questioning the appropriateness or story potential of that.

On the other hoof, who the Sam Scratch at Marvel thought it was a good idea to appropriate the logo design of the world's greatest band for that of the Klan?

Kiss logo


Kevin Church said...

My god! That's always bothered me, but I never made that link. Maybe because I hate KISS, but still...

David C said...

I think both logos derive from the Nazi SS, though.

Bully said...

Yep, I was aware of that--the stylized SS comes from the Nazis. But check out that "K" in Klan...Marvel was definitely copying KISS.

Interesting to note that that versions of KISS albums changed the original design of their S's--check out reissue album covers like this one: