Monday, April 01, 2024

The April 1968 2024 Calendar for This Menacing Year

Hey, it's calendar time! An' that's no April Fool! Mainly because...yes, I have a calendar for you.

But who woulda thunk it came from the corner of a WWII-era Batman comic?

from "The Mayors of Yonville!" in Batman (1940 series) #24 (DC/Detective Comics, August 1944), script by Don C. Cameron, pencils and inks by Dick Sprang, letters by George Roussos

Hey, down in front you guys! Eh, they're not gonna move; they're all long dead.

Instead, have a Dennis the Menace calendar that perfect for April 2023 in all aspects except one. Can you guess what's off about this 1968 calendar if you wanna clip it out and paste it up on your wall this month?

"March 1968" from Dennis the Menace Giant #51 [Dennis the Menace Christmas Special] (Hallden/Fawcett, Winter 1967), creators unidentified and unknown
(Click picture to eggs-er-size*)


That's correct: never feed eggs to a rabbit, Joey. They are herbivores.

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