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Today in Comics History, January 30: Happy birthday, Bill Vigoda!

Born on this day in 1920: comics artist (primarily for the M.L.J./Archie comics lines) Bill Vigoda (Hangman Comics, Black Hood Comics, Laugh Comics, Archie Comics, Archie's Pal Jughead, Pep Comics, Wilbur Comics and many more)! He's the brother of actor Abe Vigoda, but Abe already got his birthday wishes on February 24, so this one's for you, Bill!

And yes, Bill actually appears in the comics, in this fourth-wall bustin' adventure of Dusty, the Boy Who Would Not Clean His Apartment! Note that Bill appears only silhouetted against the startling background of Crisis on Infinite Earths, with the visual anonymity that comics usually reserve for the President or God. Also, he appears to be crouching or perhaps frightened of the top of the panel.

from "[Bill Vigoda Unfair To Villains!]" in Black Hood Comics #10 (Archie/MLJ, Spring 1944), pencils and inks by Bill Vigoda

Please do not cross the picket line of villains boycotting Bill Vigoda!

What's this? All of a sudden Bill decides to apparte before mortal human beings, and not, as we predicted, a flaming bush? And quite a handsome, amiable feller he is, too! See kids? that's the power of comics self-portrayal!

And let us never forget how Bill Vigoda got his start in the comics industry: smuggling his delicious, delightful corn flakes.

from "The Flathead Gang" in Crime Must Pay the Penalty #5 (Ace, December 1948), pencils and inks by Rudy Palais

Archie 2015 re-inventer Mark Waid salutes Bill:

from Archie (2015 series) #7 (Archie, May 2016), text by Mark Waid

A very happy birthday to you, Bill!

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