Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Today in Comics History, January 30: Happy birthday, Phil Collins!

Born on this day: Millie "The Model" Collins's cousin Phil Collins*!

from "When Friends Fall Out!" in Millie the Model #176 (Marvel, November 1969), script by Stan Lee, pencils by Stan Goldberg, inks by John Verpoorten (?), letters by Artie Simek

Still, there's gotta at least be one good thing about Phil Collins, right?

Other things Phil became famous for: as a singer, drummer, songwriter, record producer and actor. And, according to MAD magazine, for one joke and one joke only:

from "Hot Albums of the 1990’s...A Look Back" in MAD #282 (October 1988), script by Russ Cooper, pencils and inks by Rick Tulka

Isn't that right, MAD?

from "Really Appropriate Sponsors for Rock Tours" in MAD #286 (April 1989), script by Charlie Kadau

Anyway, Happy birthday, Phil Collins, and sussudio to you, too! Here, I bought ya a comic book. I think you'll actually enjoy it.

cover of The Story of the Alamo: An Illustrated History of the Siege and Fall of the Alamo (Frederic Ray, 1955), artist uncredited and unknown

*There is no actually proof in the story that this poor guy's last name actually is Collins**, but hey, anything for a joke, huh?

**Yes, I actually submitted a correction to the "characters" list on Comics.org for this.

1 comment:

Manqueman said...

The joy of satire -- sometimes the joke comes true.
So, joke: Hair Club for Men sponsoring a tour of bald and balding singers.
Now reality has gifted us with AARP sponsoring the world's oldest working rock band, the Rolling Stones.