Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Today in Comics History, January 30: Happy birthday, James Watt!

Happy birthday today to James Watt (born 1736), inventor, chemist, and mechanical engineer (and not Reagan's Secretary of the Interior, who would still be out there burning down trees if trees hadn't managed to kill him in 2023). This Watt was instrumental in the Industrial Revolution through the development of his Watt steam engine, without which we'd still just be using steam to open up billet doux. Sadly, I could only find one single appearance of Watt in the funny books, and that's in a biographical story about Steamboat Guy Robert Fulton. Watt's face isn't even shown, which furthers my Ted Talk argument that he was also DC's Unknown Soldier.

from "Robert Fulton, Father of the Steamship" in Real Life Comics v.2 #1/4 (Pines, April 1942), pencils and inks by Frank Frollo

Happy birthday, Mister Watt! Which is the generic version of Doctor Who.


Blam said...

“v.2 #1/4”
The good old days when comic books were issued in binomial equations.

Bully said...

I maybe should find a more consistent way of indicating multiple numbering systems.

More accurately: “v.2 #1 [#4].”

Blam said...

Oh, I knew what you meant. I was reading the Overstreet Price Guide while other kids were still on Dr. Seuss.