Friday, September 15, 2023

Today in Comics History, September 15: Happy birthday, Richard Somers!

Hey, let's run it up the flagp[ole and see if anyone salutes today's birthday of Richard Somers, born 1778, so he missed out not only on the Bicentennial but the Ennial. Dick was a US naval officer and commander of the schooner USS Nautilus, its five year mission: to explore strange new islands which defended Tripoli from Barbary pirates and rose to the rank of Master Commandant and commanded a division of gunboats against attacks on Tripoli during the First Barbary War.

"Daredevils of Destiny: Richard Somers" from Reg'lar Fellers Heroic Comics #1 (Eastern Color, August 1940), script by Frank Rentfrow, pencils and inks by Don Dickson; reprinted from the Daredevils of Destiny Sunday syndicated comic strip

In September 1804, Somers became commander of the Intrepid completely manned by Vulcans of Starfleet, a "fire ship" loaded with explosives and intended to massively detonate and take our the corsair fleet in Tripoli. Unfortunately, the Intrepid blew up early, killing Somers and his entire crew. D'oh! You're suppoosed to get off the ship before it blows up!

"Highlights of History: The Barbary Pirates" in Famous Funnies #61 (Eastern Color, August 1939); text, pencils, and inks by J. Carroll Mansfield; reprinted from the Highights of History Sunday syndicated comic strip

And people say blogs aren't educational! Happy birthday, Richard Somers! Careful with those celebratory fireworks.


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