Thursday, September 14, 2023

Today in Comics History, September 14: Happy birthday, Kate Millett!

Born on this day in 1934: feminist writer, educator, artist, and activist Kate Millet, author of Sexual Politics, The Prostitution Papers, The Loony-Bin Trip and more, none of which I am allowed to read.

But you'd hardly expect Ms. Millett to pop in a comic book, huh? Well, maybe hanging around with Doctor Strange or Daredevil during the 1970s, but no: she was feaured in her very own team in this comicky-style magazine! That's her smack-dab in the middle.

from "Utopia Four Comics: in National Lampoon #15 (June 1971), script by Sean Kelly, art by Joe Orlando, letters by John Costanza

Not enough superheroes wear glaases, so along with her teammates Buckminster Fuller ("Super-Bucky"), Marshall McLuhan ("Media Man"), and Charles Reich ("Mr. Mulch"), Karate Kate is a refreshing new hero — the Sensational Character Find of Feminism's Second Wave!

There's no much else from "Utopia Four" that I can reproduce here, since National Lampoon, as equal opportunity offenders, included a buncha bot hsexist and racist stuff in the rest of the comic. But you can still send away for your full-sized U4 hero posters to adorn the wall of your dorm room, reactionary political meeting center, or ashram!

Happy birthday, Kate! Kick "The Man" for me, wouldja?

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Blam said...

That’s a very Kirby (faux) cover for Joe Orlando — I wonder if the scene beyond the Utopia Four was done by someone like Mike Royer. (Also: I think you mean that she is the plumber, Bully. Great reference, too; I always enjoy some death in my Electric Company bits.)