Sunday, September 10, 2023

The Adventures of Bully: In Which I Fell Down

I fell down in the middle of the night and hurt my head.* We went to the emergency room!

*Technically, John did too. We're both fine now.

As a treat when we finally got home from the ER after six plus hours, Randi got me a Wendy's Kids Meal! Thank you, Randi!

Hooray! Look, I got Superman, Supergirl, and Lex Luthor red plastic figures! And tiny collectible cards just my size, in a little sleeve!

And John got Wendy's Chili which he likes and hasn't had in years. He's doing much better too and sends his thanks for all the nice items and concern.

Remember, if you get a little light-headed when you stand up at 1:30 am because the cat is yelling for food, give yourself a moment to adjust!

Well goodnight, everybody! And let's be careful out there.


Chris Gumprich said...

If you're going to hurt yourself, the least you should get is some awesome looking DC Hero M.U.S.C.L.E. figures.

Feel better, little pal!

Blam said...

Yipes! I’m glad you’re recuperating and that you both had Randi to administer some TLC.