Thursday, June 09, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 9, 1993: You oughtn't to buy Chicken McNuggets while they're still alive

from (L) "V for Vendetta: Book One, Chapter Ten: Venom" in Warrior #11 (Quality Communications, July 1983), script by Alan Moore, pencils and inks by David Lloyd, letters by Jenny O'Connor;
(R) from V for Vendetta #3 (DC, November 1988); colors by David Lloyd, Siobhan Dodds, and Steve Whitaker


Blam said...

Hmm… I see that Jenny O’Connor and Steve Craddock are both credited as letterers for both the Quality UK and DC iterations of this chapter but, however the division of labor broke down, the balloons here were clearly relettered for US publication. -- Letter-Headed Blam

Bully said...

i made a mental note when I was posting this to research it, because i noticed that previously. I need to clean all these up. Thanks!