Saturday, June 11, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 11: Happy birthday, Rich Margopoulos!

Born on this day: comics writer Rich Margopoulos (Creepy, Eerie, What If?, Haunt of Horror, and dozens and dozens of Archie Comics)!

from (top) EERIE (1966 series) #43 (Warren, November 1972), and
New Talent Showcase (1984 series) #2 (DC, February 1984)

At Archie Comics, everybody likes Rich! Except, weirdly enough, Archie.

from "Slapstick Shtick" in Everything's Archie #137 (Archie, August 1988), script by Rich Margopoulos, pencils by Stan Goldberg, inks by Rudy Lapick, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Bill Yoshida

Here's a portrait of Archie and creators circa 1985, but I don't know which one is Rich. (Is he the figure behind Veronica and Reggie? Shout out in the ciomments if you know!)

from Pep #400 (Archie, May 1985), script by Frank Doyle, pencils by Dan DeCarlo, inks by Jim DeCarlo, colors by Barry Grossman, letters by Bill Yoshida

Wherever you are, Rich, have a happy birthday!

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