Saturday, March 04, 2023

Today in Comics History, March 4, 3:42 AM: Penguin writes away for a manicure

from Batman: Killing Time #3 (DC, July 2022), script by Tom King, pencils and inks by David Marquez, colors by Alejandro Sánchez, letters by Clayton Cowles

Batman: Killing Time is a six-issue miniseries told in (very) non-consequtive order, but I've thrown my comic books on the floor and cut out all the panels and rearranged them in chronological order, just because that's the kind of thing I do (when I'm allowed to use adult scissors). Not every panel featured in posts on this comic book will contain the exact date or time — several have been labeled something like "Forty-two minutes before this, Batman pulled the Batmobile up to the speaker and ordered a Bat-Burger and Bat-Cola to go," and I've done my best to ID whichever day and time this is happening, so stay tuned for more!

This project is not helped by the sudden realization this morning that I don't own issue #2.

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“I was disappointed by its simplistic narrative.” — Jonathan Osterman