Saturday, March 04, 2023

Today in Comics History, March 4, 1877: A reminder to Republicans today blaming modern Democrats for slavery: read a history of political parties and the civil rights movement in 1960s, for cryin' out loud, ya yahoos

from "The Dawn of a New Era" in Picture Stories from American History #4 (EC, Summer 1947), script by Jerry Coleman, pencils and inks by Allen Simon


Blam said...

Okay, I want Dan Brown on the case to explain what the poses and hand placement in this panel mean.

Bully said...

Not to mention: why are they sitting out in the hall?

Blam said...

Maybe they couldn't get that desk through the door and just gave up. Or, being a vampire, Conkling wasn't invited in and switched tactics, which must have worked because that other guy is obviously bleeding out fast.