Thursday, September 22, 2022

Today in Comics History, September 22: Happy birthday, Toni Basil!

Born on this day: singer, dancer, choreographer, actor and director Toni Basil! She's so fine, she blow my mind!

from "Homer's America" in Simpsons Comics #90 (Bongo, January 2004), script by Ian Boothby, pencils by Luis Escobar, inks by Patrick Owsley, colors by Art Villanueva, letters by Karen Bates

Toni Basil in Village of the Giants (Berkeley Productions, 1965), starring Tommy Kirk and Beau Bridges, written by Bert I. Gordon and Alan Caillou, directed by Bert I. Gordon, choreography by Toni Basil

featurette on Robin and the 7 Hoods with Toni Basil (Warner Bros., 1964), starring Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, written by David R. Schwartz, directed by Gordon Douglas, choreography by Jack Baker

Happy birthday, Toni!

PS: Don't trade eyebrow pencils with other girls.

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