Friday, June 17, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 17, 1972: Birthday of a kid, who, since he's born in an EC Comic, is probably a mutant or an alien or Hitler*

from "Child of Tomorrow!" in Weird Fantasy (1950 series) #17 (EC, January 1951); co-plot, script, pencils, and inks by Al Feldstein; co-plot by Bill Gaines; colors by Marie Severin; letters by Jim Wroten

The entire story was redrawn by Reed Crandall for the third EC 3-D issue, but it went unpublished until EC fanzine Squa Tront published it in 1970:

from "Child of Tomorrow!" in Squa Tront (1967 series) #4 (Jerry Weist, 1970), co-plot and script by Al Feldstein, co-plot by Bill Gaines, pencils and inks by Reed Crandall, letters by Jim Wroten

*It was a mutant.

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