Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Today in Comics History, June 14: Born on this day: Bob Wood

Okay, for just this one entry, comics aren't going to be fun.

Today in 1917 is the birth date of Bob Wood, comics artist and editor (Crime Does Not Pay, Boy Comics, Pep Comics, Daredevil Comics and more).

from Daredevil Comics (1941 series) #65 (Lev Gleason, August 1950)

Ironically, for the man who co-created the series Crime Does Not Pay, Wood's life spiraled downwards after the post-Comics Code Authority cancellation of his Lev Gleason-published books. Drinking, gambling, and depression eventually drove him to murder Violette Phillips (some accounts call her his girlfriend or an ad woman, others a prostitute) in a hotel room and shortly thereafter blab his crime to a taxi driver. He spent time in an out of prison until his death in 1966, being struck by a vehicle by trying to walk across New Jersey's Garden State Parkway.

from The New York [Sunday] Daily News (September 14, 1953), by Kermit Jaediker

from Lev Gleason comics cover-dated September 1946

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