Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Today in Comics History, May 24: Happy birthday, Alfred Andriola!

Born today in 1912: the handsome, handsome Alfred Andriola, cartoonist and creator of the Kerry Drake comic strip and book, artist on Charlie Chan, Dan Dunn, Captain Triumph and more, and an assistant to Milton Caniff on Terry and the Pirates and Scorchy Smith. And yes: you can use this calendar all this year throughout 2022!

"Kerry Drake 1949 Calendar" from Kerry Drake Detective Cases #13 (Harvey, March 1949), pencils and inks by Alfred Andriola

Happy birthday, Alfred!


joecab said...

Nah that's just Kerry again. You can see Andriola on his Lambiek page.

Bully said...

Oh, that makes sense, thanks! I didn't think Kerry had white hair.

joecab said...

You'd think he'd be a gentleman and remove his hat for us!