Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Today in Comics History, May 24: Happy birthday, Evan Skolnick!

Born on this day: Evan Skolnick, comics writer/editor (Iron Man, RoboCop, NFL SuperPro, Excalibur, Deathlok, New Warriors and more) and video game writer/instructor (Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, Guitar Hero III, Cuphead, and others)!

from Marvel Age #89 and 101 (Marvel, May 1990 and June 1991); text by Chris Eliopoulis and Barry Dutter, pencils and inks by Ron Zalme, colors by Renee Witterstaetter

Here's another reason I love 'im: apparently Evan Skolnick, like me, tries to leave parties early. (I just have social anxiety.)

from Marvel Age #112 (May 1992)

But he doesn't seem to mind crowded offices! Can you find Evan Skolnick amongst (amongst?) the assorted Marvel Bullpenners? Hint: Douglas Adams would like him.

from Marvel Age #120 (Marvel, January 1993), art by Rick Parker
(Click top picture to Bullpen-size)

Happy birthday, Evan!


from Marvel Comics cover-dated May 1990


Unknown said...

Aw, what a nice surprise! Thank you!

-- Evan Skolnick

Bully said...

You're welcome, Evan! Hope you had a great day!