Sunday, December 31, 2017

The 1978 2017 DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters: New Year's Eve Endings

Throughout the year we've seen the heroes of the DC Universe face off against a dastardly, devilish diaply of do-(no)-gooders determined to destroy the Dearth...I mean, Earth...with a diversity of devastating disasters! All our favorite heroes and Hal Jordan have stopped the conveniently-separated-by-months plots dead in their tracks, but who is the Mastermind of all these sinister scenarios? Could it be the Riddler? Ra's al-Ghul? Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man? It's Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, isn't it?

"December 31" from The 1978 DC Calendar of Super-Spectacular Disasters (1977), art by José Luis García-López

Batman has figgered the identity of Chief Criminal thanks to clues fed into the Justice League Crime-Solvin' Computer and Dance Dance Revolution Machine, and he quickly snaps into action and detects, as the calendar tells us: "a villain The Batman must capture while Superman tries to pull the moon back into orbit. (Oy, he's always doin' that.) None of which explains why, in the calendar's cover portraying this mind-shattering scene, Batman is ridin' on the moon harness. You are literally useless in this situation, Batman! Sheesh. Go punch somebody, Bruce.

But what of that astonishing computer result that we've been waiting for this year? All year. (Eh, must be an Amiga.) I've been filling in the blanks as instructed by each month on the calendar throughout 2017 just as some of you must have done all during 1978, and what we've come up with. Who is the evil supervillain genius behind the year of Super-Spectacular Disasters, huh? TA-DA!:

Or, if you clean it up a little bit and assume I missed some spots throughout the year, because it's a bit more difficult with hooves:

Hooray! You know, I knew it was gonna be Luthor, but honestly until last month I didn't have any idea how the computer display was going to portray his name. Fun, huh? Off to jail for you, Lex Luthor! You may have only killed thousands of people during your Year-Long Reign of Disasters, but I'n sure you'll be out in a couple weeks because the guards at the prison gave you a ball-point pen and a baloney sandwich. Anyway, Happy New Year, and may your 2018 be Super-Spectacular with zero disasters!


Dave said...

I'd bet that Otis just screwed something up before I'd suspect mice.

Blam said...

I must've seen that last page, gosh, 12 times or more over the past year, and still I'm surprised every time that Batgirl's sporting Batman's trademark chest emblem rather than her usual all-yellow one.

Bully said...

I never ever noticed that! Truly you have an eagle's eye, Blam!


Blam said...

She seems to be wearing his utility belt, too — hers was also yellow with capsules but had a bat shape where his regular(-ish) buckle is. While you can't tell because we can only see the front of his feet here, I assume Mallo, Keeper of the Cosmic Balance, has compensated for this by giving Batman high-heeled boots.

Blam said...

PS: No E!-A!-G!-L!-E!-S! were harmed in the making of these comments.