Monday, May 09, 2016

Imitation is the Fantasticist Form of Flattery

Say, Heroic Spotlight from Heroic Publishing, that's a mighty fine "Fantastic Girl" logo you got there.

Now, where I have I seen that logo before...hmmmmmmmmmm...

I'll give you this: it takes Heroic Chutzpah to copy a logo that familiar!

Well, I imagine whatever they saved on creating an all-new, all-different logo, they invested in buying Fantastic Girl an elaborate, practical costume, right?



Blam said...

I know this is like way, way, way, way down on the list of things wrong with that picture, but her insignia makes no sense. It's like a mash-up of the Legionnaires' and Green Arrow's old belt buckle. I have to get extremely creative to see an 'F' in there.

SallyP said...

Wait, she fights crime in that outfit? One deep breath, and she's out!

Good Grief.