Saturday, December 26, 2015

Things Bully Got for Christmas 2015

Happy holidays to you all, and I hope you are having a wonderful Christmastime or whatever you celebrate, even if it's Wookiee Life Day! Did you get good things in your stockings? i got legs in mine.

No, no, I kids the Christmas, because I got all sorts of wonderful things from Santa and from my pals! I am a very lucky and fortunate little stuffed bull.

We do not have a chimney with care, or indeed any other possible masonry-related emotions, but we did get big full stockings stuffed with oranges and walnuts! Hooray!

Look! I got some magic beans! I'm going to go right out and trade them for a cow.

My kid sister Marshall got a package of yummy Marshallmallows. These are good for s'more, or putting in your hot chocolate, or sitting on.

And my pal Shelly the Little Otter Puppet got lots and lots of seafood! She is a happy as a clam. wait, she is as happy as an otter eating a clam. That's better.

Marshall also got Kate Beaton's Fat Pony!

And Shelly is all ready for her New Year's Day oyster-induced hangovers with this handy ice pack!

Look! Now I can make my breakfast pamcakes in the shapes of piggies! If there is some sort of cultural commentary going on with this gift I don't want to know.

Oh boy oh boy! I got a hand hoof puppet of my one of my anipals, the delightful Pink Bunny! Actually I think it is a screen wiper for your iPhone, but Imma gonna put on puppet shows.

And Star Wars cookie cutters so I can make Wookiee Cookies! Also: C-3POreos.

Here is a gift 'specially for me from Santa! I apparently have to share, tho', and we all know what happens when I try to do that. It isn't always entirely successful.

Oh cool: my own personalized cookie press! You can change the letters using the extra ones in the package. Sorry Marshall: I've already used up all the "L"s.

There were big presents too wrapped in beautiful paper! Almost too pretty to open RIP SHRED TEAR

A big book on everything about England! Hooray! I will be reading this all winter long. I hope it has marmalade in it. I mean, not literally.

OH MY GOLLY LOOKIT THE SIZE OF THIS MARVEL BOOK. At my size, this is like the monolith in 2001. And twice as awesome!

This book is so big it has a handle!

Finally, there is just one last gift, and it's from Santa but possibly it's not for me.

It's an assortment of all-new bowties, which I have been reliably informed are cool!

TIME TO FEEL FANCY ("Time to feel fancy" is © 2009 David Malki)

Then we all had the traditional Christmas brunch of cinnamon rolls and Starbucks Special-Holiday-Flavor Frappuccinos!

Finally, the classic jokes inside Christmas crackers provide a hearty laugh to round out the excitement.

Well, as you can see, I was very fortunate this Christmastime, but the best gift of all is lovely time spent with my family and friends and with you, my faithful readers! (also: Lego.) There's a couple other presents I got which I shall tell you about later in a pair (#1, #2) of very special Christmasy 365 Days of Star Wars Comics! You can probably guess what kind of gifts those were. NO NOT LIQUOR


Blam said...

That's quite a haul, Bully! Congratulations! Nice going, John, Randi, and Santa!

Dave said...

Merry Christmas, Bully! (And John ... )