Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bully's Sketchbook: David Malki!

It's time once again to show off Bully's Sketchbook, where wonderful and friendly artists interpret a little stuffed bull using only paper, pencil and pen, and their own skill and imagination. And, oh yes, bribes of piping hot brownies that I bring for them. Nobody doesn't like piping hot brownies!

Here's a sketch of me looking absolutely swellegant, drawn by David Malki!—and you gotta love him because he's got a "!" after his name. David's the creator of the delightful and delicious Wondermark comic strip, which I enjoy so much it makes me wish I lived in the Gilded Age. Especially if I could get dipped in 24-caret gold. I met him at SPX 2009, and he was kind enough to sketch me. Here, David's made me into a gentlebull about town, and boy howdy, I really do wish I had a monocle (mainly so i could pop it out of my eye in surprise and declare "Oh my word!"):

Bully, by David Malki
And David Malki! himself? A heck of a nice guy with a most impressive beard that I am ultra-envious over:

Me an' David Malki!

I also bought his brand-new Wondermark collection in tried-and-true book format, Clever Tricks to Stave Off Death, which is as beautifully designed as it is laff-out-loud- until-milk-comes-out- your-ringéd-nose-funny. You can pick up Clever Tricks where ever fine Dark Horse books and comics are sold, or right at the official Wondermark online shop, which is an emporium of delight and magic and bumper stickers and posters and t-shirts. Tell him Bully sent ya, and buy lots, ya cheapskate!

And hey, whaddaya know...this is my 2000th post on this blog! My, how time flies when you're havin' brownies fun! (Thanks for reading, everybody!)

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