Friday, October 02, 2015

Today in Comics History: Fingers are outlawed, and only outlaws have fingers

Panel from "Bacchus is Back" in Deadface #1 (April 1987); script, pencils, and inks by Eddie Campbell; letters by Trevs Phoenix and Eddie Campbell

And yep: befitting Eddie Campbell's renowned attention to genuine Earth-Prime detail, the Evening Argus of Brighton and Hove in Sussex, England, is indeed real, although technically it's called The Argus and the "Evening Argus" is only a local nickname. (I can't find any real-life reference to "Willowbrook Motor Co" online, though.)

The finest thing about the Argus? Its surreal and hilarious headlines that rival the infamous New York Post in their surrealness. (Plenty more here; but warning: Pinterest page that wont' let you look if you don't have a Pinterest account.)

Weird, huh? Well, here's a more measured and newsworthy headline about true justice in action:

See? Newspapers do look like that!

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Blam said...

"The Evening Argus: All the news that's fit to print in skewed type!"