Thursday, October 01, 2015

The 1987 2015 Marvel Age Calendar for OOOOOHHH October!

October 1987 calendar from the back cover of Marvel Age #58 (January 1988),
script by Mike Carlin, pencils and inks by Ron Zalme, colors by Paul Becton
(Click picture to Ominous-October-size!)


joecab said...

Aw, there's Maddie Blaustein (then Adam) at October 8th. She worked at Marvel for a bit and later transitioned to female. Maddie was best known for her voice work, most notably as Meowth in the US Pokémon series. Unfortunately she died from a stomach virus in 2008.

Bully said...

Thanks for the info, Joe! I knew of Adam Blaustein but didn't know she became Maddie, who I did know from animation. You've inspired me: I think I'll try to annotate next year's Marvel Calendar!

joecab said...

You're a good li'l bully :D