Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Today in Comics History: The Day the Earth Stood Bored

'Twas midnight on tax day, and suddenly this dude
Came up from the ground like a-bubblin' crude

Panel from "It Came From Beneath the Earth!" in Weird Wonder Tales #1 (December 1973), pencils and inks by Ed Winiarski; reprints from Adventures into Weird Worlds #12 (November 1952), which I don't have, sob

He tried to scare kids, but it wasn't no fun
'Coz in this world, Steve Rogers carried a gun

He faced off with a cop but escaped getting flack
Good thing he was green instead of being black.

He tried to scare women; she showed him no mercy
'Coz this real bad-ass dame hailed from down home in Joisey.

So the monster discovered his attacks were quite futile
Ha ha! It's a comment that mankind is brutal.


Blam said...

Man, I'd take this over modern computer coloring any day.

Blam said...
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