Thursday, November 13, 2014

Archie's Generic Celebrities Month: Not Actually Paris Hilton (Thank Goodness)

Guess who's coming to dinner at the Lodge lodge!:

Panels from "Hotshot Friend" in Betty and Veronica Comics Digest Magazine #177 (2007), script by Mike Pellowski, pencils by Bill Galvan, inks by Bob (?) Smith

At last, someone shallower than Cheryl Blossom! Why, "Venice Bilton" makes Cheryl look like Mother Teresa! Oh, wait, it's Archie's Generic Celebrity Month...I mean Mother Shereesha.


Blam said...

Seriously, Midge, even the bellbottom capris are working for you.

Blam said...

They had to name her Venice 'cause Rome wasn't Bilton a day!

I'm so, so sorry about that.

Dean said...

When you're as rich as Mr Lodge, you dress however the hell you please. I mean, who's going to call him on it?