Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eat a peach

Hi hi hi, all you good folks out there! If you're the sort of blog fan who sits out there frantically hitting command-R to refresh and re-refresh Google Reader Feedly, trying to see if the blogs you follow have been updated in the past sixty seconds, then you've no doubt noticed that I've been a little off-schedule with some of my posts recently (altho' I always strive to catch up with them at some point). In the interests of National Security Disclosure I'm now able to let you know what I've been up to when I haven't been instantly updating the blog exactly on schedule: I've been away at Peach Camp!

Yes, Peach Camp™, the exciting new summer camp for kids from 5 to 12, which is why my kid sister Marshall had to stay at home and eat cookies and watch TV all summer! Ha ha, Marshall! I got to go to Peach Camp and you had to...hey wait a minute! But I'm not complaining. Peach Camp, like comics, is a lot of fun! Please allow me to prove this to y'all and show my work through the medium of digital photography! (And I am specially grateful to Bully-Pal Heather for taking several of the photos. The really good ones.)

Off we go to Peach Camp! I am so excited I even forgot to ask if we could go to McDonald's so I could get a Eggamuffin for breakfast. That is really excited.

Here we are in the vast peach fields of Long Island! If you thought you had to go to Georgia for fresh delicious peaches, you are wrong! I only wish I had had a chance to tell that to my good friend Miss Gladys Knight* before she got on that train in the middle of the night.

Here are yummy peaches! You get to pick them yourselves at Peach Camp. This could prove to be a bit of a challenge for a Stuffed Bull of Very Small Stature.

Luckily, at Peach Camp you are encouraged to pick peaches, in the words of comic book zealot Magneto, by any means possible. I'm assuming this means by destroying all the humans and setting up a rule of mutants over the remaining pathetic non-powered persons, or, conversely, I could just climb the tree.

Ah ha! With a bit of stretching, you can jussssssst about grab a peach. Don't stretch so far you fall out of the tree, folks! Also, I have discovered, Velcro™ gloves would be useful at this point.

Just a little bit more...

My pal Shelly the Little Otter Puppet came along to Peach Camp with me and she very much enjoyed picking lots of peaches, too! It is nice when I can introduce her to new horizons and delicious new foods, especially ones that are not just fish.

Here I am, outstanding in my field.

Aieeeeeeee! I'm being chased through the peach fields by a wild dinosaur!

Naw, i'm jus' foolin' ya! That dinosaur is actually one of my new friends that I met at Peach Camp, Shep. He's cool. He's a herbivore. Or, especially today, a peachavore.

I did get chased through the fields by a plane looking for Cary Grant, however.

How exciting is Peach Camp? So exciting! I even got to drive a tractor!

However, my legs too short to box with God push the tractor's pedals.

Everybody picked and picked and picked and picked peaches from morning until dusk, and nobody even ever brought up the subject of child labor laws, so we all had a peachy-good time!

Oh! I also got to hang out and tell some other fun new friends some of my stories, jokes and riddles. They were good listeners. In fact, they were all ears.

Next month I think I shall attend Apple Camp™! In which, I dunno, I guess I get to learn how to use my Macintosh and OSX more effectively.

On the way home I got to sit with Shep, and we all sang songs about peaches. I really love them, and I wanna shake your tree. Apparently.

So, there you are. In summary, Peach Camp, won't you? Peach Camp.

*And her Pips.


Blam said...

// Here I am, outstanding in my field. //

You're a pip yourself, Bully. Nice to see you had such a great time! Please feel free to take another break from the blog anytime I've fallen behind in reading it (which is often these days).

Dave said...

Now, Bully, you know it's "-a- elephant's eye," not "-an- elephant's eye."

SallyP said...