Friday, September 27, 2013

The Ultimate Zing!

Panels from Secret Avengers (2010 series) #23 (April 2012), script by Rick Remender, pencils and inks by Gabriel Hardman, colors by Elizabeth Breitweiser, letters by Chris Eliopoulos


PanelByPanel said...

Haha, as much as I love Flash Thompson as Venom, I gotta give kudos to Cap for this one. You can feel the burn lift right off the panels.

Dean said...

Professor Erskine's super-soldier formula gives Cap the ability to deliver zingers at peak human levels.

Blam said...

Jim: "Burnt."
Flash: "Yeah, I got it; it's a zinger."
Jim: "No, I mean that's how Toro and I killed him."

Blam said...

(And meanwhile, somewhere, Reed Richards has the uncontrollable urge to boast, "I have a hundred pair of stretch socks!")