Tuesday, April 02, 2013

What If™...Taylor Swift Lived in the Marvel Universe?

Your Armor Is Iron But Your Heart Is Steel
I Don't Like You When You're Angry
Your Heart's Been Frozen Since 1945
It's Always Clobberin' Time But It's Never Me Time
Face It Tiger You Hit the Jackpot (But Then I Got Tossed Off a Bridge)
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Wolverine


Skyhawk said...

You made my day. Here's a couple of titles
"You only see one-side in our relationship" - Song to Nick Fury

"You've always been blind when it comes to me" Song to DareDevil

Delta said...

Yeah, that's delightful, LOL.

Blam said...

The first four were fantastic, Bully, but I chafe at the MJ-to-Gwen switcheroo in "Face It Tiger". Although that last one gave me a hearty laugh.

ChrisW said...

I've always preferred "I Am Fire, and Life Incarnate, Now and Forever, I Am Through With You." And the pithily-titled "You- You're a Duck!"