Thursday, April 04, 2013

A Tinny Roman guns for the Challengers of the Unknown

Earlier today, we saw teen heartthrob Tino Mannary, winner of the 1967 Suspicious Name Award, plotting to kill each one of the Challengers of the Unknown! The team that lives on borrowed time! (Also, liver and onions.)

Panel from Challengers of the Unknown #56, (June-July 1967), script by Arnold Drake, pencils and inks by Bob Brown

It's also the issue where the Challengers experience bizarre LSD hallucinations!

Yep, it's the debut of all-around nogoodnik Tino Mannary...whose name is a labored anagram for Martin Ryan, little brother of The Brady Bunch star Robert Ryan the late Challenger of the Unknown Red Ryan! Gasp! Also, his name is an anagram for Yam or Tannin, and I think we all enjoy yams and/or tannin. Yam or tannin! It's what's for dinner.

Still, I keep coming back to this panel featuring Tony Rain Man Tino Mannary's hit list:

Just for fun, I thought, What If™... Yarn Moat Inn Tino Mannary had picked four other famous targets to put on his death-list shortlist! (And I think it would go something like this.)

Or maybe he'd focus in on a quartet that owes absolutely nothing to the Challengers of the Unknown, uh uh, no way, absolutely no influence or inspiration at all, nosiree:

Or maybe he's like to bump off a more radical group of four:

Here's a happy quartet that could in the crosshairs of Any Minor Ant Tino Mannary:

And I think it's about time these four paid for their crimes against humanity:

Here, why don't you try one? Extra credit for using anagrams of "Tino Mannary"!

Here's a last bonus one: Annoy Martin Tino Mannary is out to assassinate rock band Loverboy!

Yes, it's true that Loverboy has not four but five members. But they get a bonus for performing the official theme song of Trainman Yon Tino Mannary! Play us off, Meek Iron Mike Reno, Dual Pane Paul Dean, Good John Sun Doug Johnson, Fart Meet Tent Matt Frenette, and Sire Dean Penknives Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve!


BillyWitchDoctor said...

"Hoo-Ha"?!? Fer cryin' out sakes, that's like blapping a whoopee cushion during the climax of "Star Wars."

Blam said...

First: I'm happy to oblige — Tino L. Mannary vows revenge against Tonna Marilyn!

Second: There was an actor named Robert Ryan, but the guy on The Brady Bunch was Robert Reed.

Bully said...

Blam: A) Wow, great, thanks! And B) I am deeply ashamed I mixed that up.