Saturday, April 06, 2013

Psylocke Psaturday #10: Why the long face, Miss Braddock?

Panels from the Captain Britain story "In All the Old Familiar Places" in The Mighty World of Marvel #16 (September 1984); plot, pencils, and inks by Alan Davis, script by Mike Collins; letters by Steve Craddock. Color version from Captain Britain trade paperback (1988), colors by Andy Seddon.

My admiration for Alan Davis's gorgeous artwork is second to no bull, but geez, Mister D, that second panel...ain't no way she's gonna be a supermodel with a nose and a chin like that. We'll just chalk it up to her being excited to see Braddock housekeeper Emma again, shall we?

This week's Psylocke Psurveillance Psummary:
  • Hair: purple.
  • Eyes: blue.
  • Skirt: knee-length.
  • Chin: tremendous.
Next week: Things start to get very bad. Start.


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