Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bully's Sketchbook: Michael Dialynas (or, "Bullactus Hungers!")

One of my best long-time friends is the very funny Tommy G, founding member of the '80s,'90s, '00s and probably '10s comedy group Boffo Yux Dudes. You may remember me featuring their "Ballad of Henry Pym", and here's a lot of their really great audio comedy. Not only that, but Tom is a genuinely nice guy! He's a gentleman, and what's more he knows how to treat a little stuffed bull.

All of which leads to one of the coolest presents ever, because Tom commissioned a sketch of me to put in my Bully's Sketchbook. It's by comics artist Michael Dialynas, the co-creator and artist of Amala's Blade, now starting publication (the #0 ish just came out from Dark Horse and it's incredibly beautiful and fun)! Tom asked Michael for "a caricature of Bully in the style of Jack Kirby as a superhero or villain." And here's what I was delighted to receive:


Thank you, Tom, and thank you, Michael, for the most cosmic portrayal ever of a little stuffed bull! I shall be eating it later.

(Don't forget to check out Amala's Blade: issue #1 is on sale April 24 at your local comic book store and online!P


-- MrJM said...

"I hunger... for alt text!"

-- MrJM

Blam said...

Where are Bullactus' feet? I'm lack-toes intolerant!

Bully said...

It took me five months to get over that bad pun, Blam!

And I don't have feet! I have hooves!: