Sunday, April 07, 2013

Ten of a Kind: Up on the rooftop villains hit their nadir / Out jumps the good old Caped Crusader

The great Carmine Infantino passed away this week. While I first encountered him on Marvel's Star Wars and then DC's The Flash, some of his most iconic work can be found on the "New Look" Batman of the mid-1960s. When I think about classic Batman, I think of these three artists: Jim Aparo, Sheldon Modolf, and Carmine Infantino. Probably the most well-known of Infantino's Batman images is this two-page pin-up (inked by Murphy Anderson) from Detective Comics #352:

Although you probably know it better as the cover of one of the first, great Batman trade collections Batman: From the '30s to the '70s (we'll forgive the unfortunate designer who put the apostrophes in the wrong place on the cover):

It's such a great collection! And it's bigger than me!

This is an image so impressed into all our collective Bat-memories that it's been homaged enough times to make up a Ten of a Kind...and beyond!

You'll be missed, Carmine, but as long as we can enjoy your art, you'll always be with us.

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SallyP said...

These are fun. The Supergirl one makes me cringe, but the one with Manhunter is awesome!