Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This is your brain on Vertigo. And this is your brain on the New 52. Any questions?

Wow, being reassigned to the New 52 has really done a harsh number on John Constantine:

Splash panel from "The Demon Horn" in Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #15 (February-March 1974), script by Gerry Boudreau, pencils and inks by Gerry Talaoc

Wow. Where did John learn this behavior? He learned it from you! From you, okay?!?

Remember: friends don't let friends buy watered-down pale reflections of great comic books!


MOCK! said...

Bully writes: "?He learned it from you! From you, okay?!?

Oh my goodness! My brother and our cousins use that phrasing to this day!!!! I sometimes fake yell it at my students but they don't get it and just stare at me!!

MOCK! said...

Thank you for making my night!