Friday, October 21, 2011

Sergio Aragonés Week, Day 5: The Magnificent Sergio

Sorry for the lateness which made the Mid-Day Matinee slide into mid-evening, folks! But here it is, the end of the Amazing Aragonés Week! (I made it extra-long to make it up to you because I love you folks!)

"Cain's Game Room" from House of Mystery #228 (December 1974-January 1975), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

"Room 13" from House of Mystery #190 (January-February 1971), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

"A Tour of the House of Mystery" from House of Mystery #117 (August-September 1974), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés
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Today's Special Model-Building, Famous World War Flying Ace Bonus! The perfect antangonist for that Red Baron model I showed you yesterday...Snoopy and His Sopwith Camel! (He must keep this thing in an hangar under his doghouse.) I actually had and built this model as a tiny bull, and bull-lieve me, this was a lot of fun! It was bright yellow with a working propeller powered by a rubber band, and it came with "thought balloons" that you could insert into a hole in Snoopy's mouth so you could make him "say" different things, including some blank stickers on which you could write your own dialogue. "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!" Snoopy was oft-heard to utter.

Ad from House of Mystery #189 (November-December 1970)

Here's some photographs from the internet (copyright not me) of the box and the original unassembled model kit (this one is in red rather than yellow plastic:

Here's a post on FineScale Modeler showing the original box and model kit! And I highly recommend checking out this gorgeous photo of the constructed model, plus full scans of the assembly instructions.

I wish I still had mine. Quick: to the eBay!

$128.50?!? Um, nevermind.

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BillyWitchDoctor said...

Like most of the model kits you've covered recently, this was the work of Tom Daniel.

There was a "big head" Red Baron companion model that came with the Iron Cross stand from Daniel's proto-bobblehead Ghost of the Red Baron kit.

Meanwhile, Snoopy also had Snoopy and his Bugatti Racer, Snoopy and his Motorcycle, Snoopy as Joe Cool (surfing a battery-powered wave), Snoopy's High-Wire Act, and my personal favorite, Snoopy Ice Hockey, which was set in Woodstock's frozen birdbath and could be played as a game after you built it.

Tom's fellow '60s-'70s icon Dave Deal (who designed characters for Pixar's Cars just before his passing) created a few "wacky" German war machines of his own, such as Swine Hunt (a tank with dune buggy wheels and a corked turret with a peace sign for a gunsight) and Der Baron and his Funfdecker Fokker (a five-winged WWI airplane with a monster engine).