Saturday, October 22, 2011

Same Story, Different Cover: Ant-ie Maim

L: Donald Duck #192 (February 1978), pencils by Bob Gregory, inks by Bill Wright R: Donald Duck Adventures #36 (May 1993), cover art by Bob Foster, Michel Nadorp, Michael Horowitz, and Larry Mayer

(Click picture to Tit-ant-ic-size)

In addition, even though the story isn't featured on the cover, here's the first comic in which "The Titanic Ants" was published, Donald Duck #60 (July-August 1958), cover art by Paul Murry:

And just to show you how often Disney comics are reprinted, the same story of "The Titanic Ants" is reprinted in each of the following comics:

However, Donald and Company are not the ones threatened by giant ants in the following comic books:

Hey, there you go: a Ten of a Kind, even though it's not Sunday! Who says this isn't the Boisterous Bully Age of Giant Ants Amazing Value?


Michael Jones said...

Them's some great covers ya got there.

SabrebIade said...

I couldn't help but think "Wonder Woman kicked that ant in the nads! The ant's got nads!"
Monster Squad flashback....