Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sergio Aragonés Week, Day 4: ¡Viva Sergio!

Splash pages from House of Mystery #189 (November-December 1970), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

"Cain's Game Room" from House of Mystery #196 (November 1971), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

"Witch's Tails" from House of Mystery #252 (May-June 1977), pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

"Page 13" from House of Mystery #177 (November-December 1968), script by Joe Orlando, pencils and inks by Sergio Aragonés

Special Model to End All Models Bonus: It's the krazy kar that had all of Europe laffing..the Red Baron! Or, as I like to call it, the Kaisermobile! ("Quick, Heinz, to the Kaisermobile!") I like to think that on weekends, Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes tooled around in this doing donuts in Stalag 13, until Colonel Hogan and his wacky crew put bananas smuggled in through their secret tunnels into the tailpipes. When questioned about this incident, Oberfeldwebel H. G. Schultz has gone on record declaring that he knew nothing.

Ad from House of Mystery #174 (May-June 1968)

Tomorrow: the natural counterpart to the Red Baron model! (And I actually had and built tomorrow's model, folks!) But first, a handy hobby hint you should follow when making your models. As long as they're all made of clear plastic. Cap's Hobby Hints, everybody!

"Cap's Hobby Hints" from House of Mystery #167 (June 1967), by Henry Boltinoff

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HollyH said...

I still have somewhere the Hot Wheels 1970 model of that Red Baron dragster. It belonged to my brother. I think he's still bitter that I inherited all his Hot Wheels, and of course, they are all gone, except for this one. It was always my favorite and I would NEVER get rid of it.